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On the 13th and 14th of November, What the Hackathon will organize an international blockchain-hackathon called ‘BLINGathon’. The competitors work together in small teams to invent solutions for a wide variety of blockchain related challenges. A Hackathon is time constrained and each team will have 30 hours to find a solution for their challenge. During these 30 hours the challengers are able to join various fun and useful activities. For example, a masterclass about presenting your project or a blockchain pub quiz. All of these activities can be followed live on (Insert stream link).

Do you want to challenge your problem solving skills? Are you looking for a fun event with a group of friends or colleagues? or Are you interested in meeting new groups of amazing people? Clear-up your schedule for the 13th and 14th of November and register yourself or your team for BLINGathon.

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About BLINGathon

Blingathon is a blockchain hackathon organised by Interreg-project BLING (BLockchain IN Government). The project is a cooperation between 14 partners from 6 North Sea-region countries, who are all developing pilot projects for public services. All of these partners do research and gather experience on how to develop and implement open source blockchain projects for the common good.

The high diversity in partners provides this hackathon with a large spectrum of challenges. The challenges are divided among five tracks and as an attendee to this event you will be working on a real life challenge from one of these tracks:

When you find a great solution to a challenge there is a chance that one of the partners in BLING wants to adopt it and bring it to the next level. HOW COOL IS THAT !

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Competition info

After your registration we will place your team on the attendee list. We will contact you by mail to confirm your registration. Be aware that we have to check for free spots as there is a limit on the number of competing teams. After reserving a spot for your team we will send you a "HackPack" by mail with all the information you need to compete (time-tables for workshops, house-rules, what to deliver and when, etc.).

If you need to contact us you can via: inslkd;fl;

We hope to see you at this great event on November 13th & 14th

Do you plan to attend at our physicall location in Brugge?
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Frequently asked questions

What is a hackathon? +

It is an “inventors-competition” where students, professionals and entrepreneurs in teams of 3-5 people compete in solving challenges. During 30 hours they are in a creative process to overcome problems of tomorrow.

When is the hackathon? +

The BLINGathon starts on Saturday Nov. 13th 10:00 and ends Sunday 14th 20:00 (hacking ends at 16:00, finals start at 17:00). The competition will last 30 hours before you have to present your work in a 2 minutes movie.

Where is the hackathon? +

The hackathon is a hybrid event which means that the core is online and the teams are on locations (either facilitated at several universities or own locations). The whole event will be livestreamed on Youtube from our “warming up” on Saturday 9:00 untill the final award ceremony on Sunday till 21:00.

Who can participate? +

Anyone with an interest in Blockchain (and we do not necessarily mean cryptocurrencies). Great teams have a nice balance of different skills in their group (not only programmers, or only presenters).

What if I do not know how to code? +

The largest part of people participating do not know how to code. find 1 or 2 people with coding skills and build your team around them. You probably have other skills that can be beneficial to your team; maybe you are a very creative person, a business developer or a great presenter. Coding is just a part of the solution.

What are the prizes? +

We have cash prizes and nice rewards to name a few: Best Overall 1000€ for the team, Best Design 750€ for the team, Most Impact 750€ for the team. and we also have some other prizes. but the biggest opportunity is not the reward. it is the acces you have to the network of coaches and experts, the people and companies you will meet, the friends you will make (trust me, when you work intensively for 30 hours your team members will become your close family). more than 85% of people who attend a well organised Hackathon for the first time will want to come back and do more of them!

Anything else I should know? +

Lots of things. We will provide you with a “Hackpack” which is an information package that contains all the data you need to know in the week before the event. We will organise several powerboost-sessions where we will teach you about pitching, how to win a Hackathon, an ideation-workshop. We have a gaming-track where our game-master will play a serious game which is a LOT of fun and will also help your team win the Hackathon. We will organise a pub quiz on Saturday evening and LOTS more… oh, did we tell you about our Hackathon survival-boxes? *surprise*

Is there a registration fee or do I need to pay to participate? +

No, the event is free but they seats are limited and if you register and do not show up someone else will be disappointed because they would have liked to enter (but it was not possible)

How many people can there be in a team? +

A team needs at least 3 members and can have a maximum of 5 members

Will I have to work for 30 hours straight? +

Nope, you and your team decide when you work and how many hours you work. 30 hours might seem a lot at the start, but at the end of the Hackathon 30 hours is ALWAYS too short!

I don’t have a team but I really want to participate.
Can I join other teams? +

You can also register solo. In that case we will ask you about your background and will try to find you a team that lacks your skill so there will be synergy (we cannot guarantee the rest of your team will be at the same physical location as you so you might find yourself communicating with them online over Discord).