Howest and Bling challenge you!

So you’re going to change the world someday? Ready to make a change?

You’re maybe not a nerd, but yea, sometimes you think those people are actually doing pretty cool stuff and you’d love to experience the thrill! Consider joining Blingathon.

Get your stuff together and do something cool!

Howest and EnergyWeb challenge you at the Energy track of Blingathon: the Blockchain Hackathon.

30 hours, 100 international students, international experts and coaches, great workshops, 5 tracks and.. nice prizes! On November 13 & 14 the BLING international blockchain hackathon will take place. In this hackathon, students will be working on challenges from the BLING network to build a blockchain-based proof of concept.

The five tracks for the hackathon challenges will be:

For the Energy track, Howest joins forces with EnergyWeb, the blockchain that is accelerating a low-carbon, customer-centric electricity system by unleashing the potential of open-source, decentralized, digital technologies.
Take a look at their pages: and

Let’s create innovative solutions for a sustainable decarbonized future!

Fill your backpack with microchips, grab a Gwei of Gas, and join Blingathon. We provide an inspiring (and awesome) setting, food and drinks, and reward the best ideas with amazing prizes! All you need to do is register and get to Brugge (or stay at home and attend digitally).

Live stream

Follow the livestream and watch highlights at

Watch now!

A blockchain hackathon?

Perhaps you own some cryptocurrencies or you're at least interested in what it’s all about. Maybe you’re part of the crypto community and are fascinated by the potential of blockchain? Maybe you just want to learn more about the subject blockchain? Blockchain is going to change your life, and here is your chance to get involved! Welcome!

A hybrid event for everyone

Ready to accept the challenge and kick some ass? No matter if you’re a student, consultant, crypto enthusiast, or just curious… Blingathon is the place to go! And don’t worry if you’re not a (real) coder… we’ll be joined by experts from Howest, Bling and EnergyWeb This event can be attended online as well as from certain local venues. There will be teams from several countries (Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium) solving the challenges and competing for the prizes.

Space for your creativity!

Howest and EnergyWeb provide an awesome venue in Brugge, Belgium. We'll take care of everything like food, drinks, coaching, some place to sleep (if you’d like to) and lots, lots, lots of fun and inspiration. You’ll be hacking in MindAndMakerspace… how cool is that?

The Mind- and Makerspace or simply 'MaM' is an open, creative space for thinkers and doers in Bruges. It is pre-eminently a place of encounters and collaboration. MaM's location, near the railway station and close to the city center, is a real asset.

At MaM you can combine: craft techniques with high-tech equipment, thinking with making.

Learn – Dare – Make – Share is their credo, couldn’t think of a better location, right?

Let's get the party started!

Don’t hesitate, register today! Individual registrations or team registrations are welcome!

You can win awesome prizes and you’ll get a lot of cool goodies… including a rare tradable Bling blockchain EnergyWeb NFT (ok, so that’s the argument you needed, right?)

When is the party started? 13-14 November 2021: Blingathon, a BLockchain IN Government Hackathon

For even more information: